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Physical Warfare Versus Spiritual Warfare


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Nigeria is celebrating her Independence today in palpably eerie joy. What would have been a piece of heartwarming news President Buhari could have announced in his national broadcast this morning ought to be the replacement of all service chiefs.

Isn’t it glaring now that the service chiefs have exhausted all strategies to tackle the spates of insecurities pervading the land? When those saddled with the duty of defending the country against external aggression become incapacitated in nipping internal aggression in the bud, it passes a message that Nigerians should be prepared to die before their time to die.

No country is secure, developed and thrived by spiritual endeavours. Everything spiritual has a connection with God and it is safe to conclude that one’s spirituality is dependent on one’s belief in God. What then do we say about secure and developed countries where atheism reigns supreme?

All governmental mights (military, economic, political) reside with those highflying countries, yet they don’t pray! You can only pray to who you believe exists and has powers to make prayers work. Atheists don’t believe in our God, and our prayers!

The COAS has called for spiritual warfare against Boko Haram. Ironically, Book Haram believes it’s fighting spiritual war against Nigeria. Which God is COAS directing his spiritual warfare to? Which God is Boko Haram claiming to avenge for? Is the war between the Nigerian Army and the Boko Haram a war between two gODS? Which of the gODS was invoked before the civil war between Nigeria and Biafra could be won?

The piece was written by Morufu Smith, a Public Relations and Communication Expert.

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