Newsletter from Gov Seyi Makinde


Newsletter from Gov Seyi Makinde

How have you been?

My break is finally over, and I must say it’s good to be back in Oyo State.

After all the activities of the first week of my break, I finally got down to reading my book of the month. Reading this book allowed me to reflect on many things that have been happening in our country and, indeed, our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party. It is not news that our party has been locked in crisis. Many people have wondered what is really going on and what my personal stand on issues are. Before discussing that, let me share my takeaway from reading my book of the month.

I have been reading “Nigeria: Africa’s Failed Asset?” written by Sir Olaniwun Ajayi KJW. One important point the author made in this book is about the foundational structural imbalance Nigeria has suffered from independence. We are still grappling with some of these foundational issues.

Nigeria’s many years of military dictatorship, which ran government with a unitary chain of command, further worsened issues.

More recently, we have seen these structural issues show up in conversations about where the next president should come from – North or South. Sometimes, these conversations overshadow talks about competence and the ability of individuals to deliver on their mandate.

To be honest, it is almost impossible to achieve a balance between deciding on which should be prioritised when it comes to picking a president -region or competence. It is almost as if we are asking people to choose between fairness and achieving the best results.

Even if we are getting the best results, can we really say we are developed if the federating units feel cheated or unheard? On the other hand, if we are fixated on where the next president will come from, will we have a country if we continue to sink into economic depression and insurgents overrun a section of the country?

At the end of the day, one thing becomes clear: We must begin in earnest to think of how to structure and restructure our country to create a just and fair society for all, both economically and socially.

And that brings me back to the crisis in the PDP right now. First, let me clarify that I still believe that our party is the sure path to creating the Nigeria we all dream of. And so, the fight in our party is about inclusivity and attainment of the intent and content of the independence our fathers fought for. If we want a truly restructured Nigeria, it should begin with the structures in our party. If we want a real federation, we should see a reflection of a FEDERAL Republic of Nigeria in the PDP.

Talk to you again soon,

~ Seyi Makinde


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