Dearth Of Social Clubs In Yoruba Land


I have been listening to Haruna Ishola’s songs back to back for 5days like no before. It is the best way to enjoy my holiday. Lol

While at It, I discovered like Apala itself, there is a dying culture of township Social Clubs unlike before, if not total death sef.

From Owokoniran Social Club – Haruna sang pridefully for IWO people, Oroki Social Club and Egbe Bomode O’ku for Osogbo men of Substance. If your Grandpa is in the list of Alaga Egbe or Treasurer to Akowe Egbe, mehn, you are from a privilege family.. Lol!

I listened to the one did for Egbe Parkers Kaduna, Egbe Obaninbasiri Society and Egbe Ilupeju in Oyo. God, It’s nothing but loads of easy songs with goosebumps of pure eulogy for a people who lived in accord of socializing in oneness and love for their heritage.

There are also different tracks waxed for Egbe mapo Arogun for Ede people, just like Baba n gani did some for Egbe Olowofowobaje in Egba, and Egbe Fesojaye for Odogbolu sons and daughters.

In all, It is evident that Haruna was the toast of many Yoruba Social clubs, where he made praises of the rich men of then and the town. In those glorious days, the roll calls are men and women of class coming together to have fun to unite.

Looking at everything today, things have changed totally – we have become shrouded in our closet. No fun, no friend, and depression is rising everyday than these old local rich men, who lived through history and time.

If we have lost so many things, I think the culture of uniting as a people is one of the saddest.

Sometimes, I wish I was born in the 30’s, lived as a local rich trader in 70’s, with the luxury of worth mentioning in Haruna’s songs. Lol!

Sleep on Haruna Ishola!

This piece was written by an Agro-Enthusiast, Elufowora Eluyemi Lateef, in memory of Baba n Gani Agba.


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