Battle erupts between Ibrahim Chatta, Toyin Abraham and Funke Akindele


Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta on Monday lost his cool and lampooned a social media follower for mistaking his eulogy for Funke Akindele’s new movie ‘Omo Ghetto the Saga’ as a subtle shade against colleague, Toyin Abraham.

Chatta has made an Instagram post expressing satisfaction with the movie.

The actor also said that he is glad to be alive that the Nigerian film industry is growing at the speed of light.

“Saw this Amazing film by Mrs Bello on Netflix. I am indeed glad that I’m alive at this time that d Nigeria film industry is growing with d speed of light. Y’all should see the Omo Ghetto saga on Netflix,” he said.

Reacting to the post, a troll identified as izebok blasted Ibrahim Chatta, beseeching him to stop the unnecessary division between Toyin Abraham and Funke Akindele as they are great women in the movie industry.

The troll further added that Nigerian Nollywood stars should support themselves without any senseless tags or division among themselves.

“You Nigeria artist should stop this senseless tags…and support yourselves..stop the division for God sake..funke and toyin are great women in what they do…so you fellow artist should stop this unnecessary division…damn,” izebok said.

Irritated by the statement, Ibrahim Chatta questioned the sanity of the troll.

He said; @izebok Are u stupid or something?


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